About Ashnam

In a world filled with mass-produced goods, Ashnam stands out for its commitment to quality and purpose. Founded by Manojkumar Sharma, it’s India’s leading producer of polyresin artifacts, offering more than just beauty. It’s a story of resilience and empowerment, where local artisans find pride and opportunity in their craft.

Under Manojkumar Sharma’s guidance, Ashnam provides a supportive environment for artisans to excel, enriching their lives and communities. Each piece reflects passion and precision, crafted with care. Ashnam isn’t just a brand; it’s a catalyst for positive change, blending innovation with tradition. In today’s fast-paced world, Ashnam is a stronghold of craftsmanship and a beacon of beauty driven by a noble vision.

Our Founder

Manojkumar Sharma, the visionary Founder of Ashnam, has turned it into a trusted supplier of home décor products through his passion for aesthetics. Understanding the impact of curated décor on ambiance, he established Ashnam to offer innovative and stylish products crafted by artisans dedicated to excellence. He ensures strict quality standards, promoting durability and sustainability.

As a socially responsible entrepreneur, Manoj prioritizes eco-friendly materials and practices, minimizing the company’s carbon footprint. His commitment to quality and innovation has made Ashnam a preferred choice for homeowners and designers alike. With over 1.2 million satisfied customers, Manoj continues to shape the future of the home décor industry through Ashnam.

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